Bin Dismal Group – Companion of Credibility in the Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Markets

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Bin Dasmal Group

The needs of an ever-increasing world population are unlimited. Meeting their rising demands is a challenging task for every industry globally. One sector that has been doing non-stop work comprehensively to raise the standard of living is the manufacturing industry.

The most critical factor in business is manufacturing the product, which leads to a smooth flow of marketing and sales processes. Whether for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, the production of many quality products necessitates skilled labor, equipment, technology, and expertise.

It is well known that today, people trust brands that have built an excellent reputation in the market over the years. This reputation comes from providing quality products that

fulfill the client’s requirements. When it comes to offering top-quality products and services, the Bin Dasmal Group has been the market leader in manufacturing and supplying them to consumers.

The company manufactures and supplies a vast range of products and services for any project, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. Some of the products and services of the company’s offerings include air handling units, fan coil units, refrigeration compressors, evaporators, condensing units, adhesives, coatings, sealants, plumbing, automated doors, material overseeing equipment, lifting gear, ducting solutions, MEP services, paint, paper bags, and many more.

Mr. Khalifa Abdulla Ahmed Dasmal founded the Bin Dasmal Group in 1973 in Dubai, UAE. He is still the active Chairman of the group. In the earlier days of its inception, it was a general contracting company, then known as Bin Dasmal Contracting, that is now specialized in MEP projects, indoor air quality solutions, and energy optimization of buildings.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with A Single Step

Over the years, the Bin Dasmal Group has added several companies under its umbrella—some as organic expansions and some as joint ventures. The first expansion took place in the 1980s with the addition of Bin Dasmal General Trading, representing some of the world’s leading brands in air-conditioning and refrigeration materials.

From the 1990s onwards, the focus was on manufacturing, where most of the group’s business is today. More specifically, the group developed its brands. To name a few, in the space of air-conditioning, Trosten Industries, KAD Airconditioning, Delta Duct Air-conditioning, and the most recent JV finalized at the start of this year, EH Price Gulf. In the space of automatic doors, Bin Dasmal Doors and Accessa. In the space of lifting and safety equipment, Dutest and Gripton.

Talking about the USPs of the group, Mr. Khalifa says, “At Bin Dasmal Group, we put our people first. The owners and managers work closely to ensure that attention is given to all important matters. An effort is constantly made to ensure that nothing is overlooked or neglected. This is essentially the main USP of the group.”

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to manufacturing, Bin Dasmal Group excels in international accreditation. A lot of effort is put into R&D to ensure that all products are ahead in terms of quality and reliability.

“Customer satisfaction is paramount. This is further supported by the timeliest delivery of products and aftersales service,” Mr. Khalifa cited when asked about how Bin Dasmal Group ensures the best products in the market.

Keeping Pace with Technology

Technology is everywhere in every segment of various industries. It is reshaping so many processes in a concise space of time. With the use of technology, accuracy and speed can be achieved in every industry. Technology has enabled significant upgrades in the manufacturing industry too.

Putting his views on technology’s impact on the manufacturing industry and its adaption to the company’s units, Mr. Khalifa says, “I would say automation and digitalization have been some of the most important developments in recent times. Our group has invested much in these areas to ensure that consistency, streamlining, and timeliness of operations are prevalent and that the highest customer satisfaction level is achieved.”

Conquering the Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge in almost every part of the world for the last two years. It has affected the operations of many industries. When asked how his company rose against the pandemic situation, Mr. Khalifa said, “Initially, we noticed that it became more of a challenge to keep the factories running at full capacity as the number of orders had decreased in the domestic markets. This pushed us to focus more on exports, which is now where we anticipate large growth.”

“The other challenge is inflation and the rising cost of raw materials and supply-chain hurdles. This has pushed us to focus on improving our sourcing options without compromising quality,” he adds.

In terms of the safety of its employees, the company has a dedicated QHSE department that constantly supervises the health and safety of its employees.

Today, energy and health are key areas where the group is more focused. More specifically, related to its business, this means energy-efficient air-conditioning products aimed to deliver the best indoor air quality solutions.

Leadership Ethics 

Mr. Khalifa has earned a concrete set of leadership qualities over the years. He has seen ups and downs in the industry and managed to scale his group of companies through all this. In response to what leadership qualities, he believes to be the most significant for successfully handling manufacturing operations, he said, “Leadership is responsibility. In the manufacturing industry, this starts with the factory staff. Those are the ones that end up making your factory work well. Take care of them, and you’re halfway there.”

He further states that “customer satisfaction is the other part. That is where the executives play their role. For us, that means understanding the customers’ requirements precisely, which are in the areas of timely deliveries, meeting the highest international standards, and supporting them with quality after-sales services.”

Words of Guidance

As a top-notch leader, Mr. Khalifa has a broad understanding of the manufacturing industry. His 40-plus years of experience can offer valuable wisdom to entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the manufacturing industry.

As a word of guidance for such people, Mr. Khalifa asks them to focus on automation. Product certification, export, energy efficiency, and mobility to ensure the effective commencing of their career path. The Way of the Future Thanks to its competent and dedicated teams, supported by good leadership and great support from the government, the Bin Dasmal Group has been able to overcome the challenges of the past two years and aim for future growth.

Shedding light on scaling the company’s operations eventually, Mr. Khalifa said, “It is aimed at adapting our product offerings to the current market requirements and developing our export business.” “We will continue to focus on our core strengths- technocommercial competencies, solid administrative support, and good leadership moving ahead,” he added.

A Proficient Leader

Mr. Khalifa Abdulla Ahmed Dasmal started his journey in 1973. This was a couple of years after the UAE was formed in 1971. Starting out with just one engineer and an accountant, he started out at a small office in Deira. 

After securing his first project, he hired his first workforce from India. This was the group’s humble start to marvelous things to come.

Through his ability to influence, persuade, and inspire his people to achieve goals that sometimes seem impossible, he has had a significant role in what the group has achieved till date. His unyielding support of entrusting and empowering his people is the reason they love and respect him, and they never think twice about dedicating their maximum efforts all the time.

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