India’s Technical Textiles Market Offers Huge Potential: Rachna Shah

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Rachna Shah

According to Rachna Shah, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, India’s technical textiles sector has enormous potential and is ranked as the world’s fifth largest, with a notable growth rate of 10%. To address the cost implications in the field of composites and specialty fibers, stakeholders—including industry representatives, legislators, researchers, and investors—must collaborate. They also must work together to raise awareness and educate the public in order to encourage wider adoption of the sector’s growth.

The Indian technological textiles industry is expected to develop at an astounding rate over the next five years, from its present $22 billion to a whopping $50 billion.

Shah emphasized the significant advancements made in the technical textiles industry on a national and worldwide level. “The global technical textiles market stands at around $260 billion and is projected to surge to $325 billion by 2025-26. In India, we are making tremendous strides with the current market size at $22 billion. The government is unwaveringly committed to elevating it to an impressive $40-50 billion in the coming five years,” Shah asserted.

Shah provided insight into the government’s multipronged strategy, which comprises a major emphasis on R&D in the technical textile industry, covering fibers and the creation of diverse applications. Furthermore, the government is committed to creating a well-organized skilling environment that will foster the development of a skilled labor force that is necessary for the sector’s growth.

The secretary added that in order to boost the demand for and acceptance of technical textiles, the ministry is collaborating closely with a number of federal agencies and state governments. “Since technical textiles are highly specialized products with high performance requirements, focusing on standards and regulations is one of the critical elements of the approach,” the speaker continued.

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