Multi-Million-Pound Missile Defense Contract Bagged by Plymouth’s Collins Aerospace

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Missile Defense Contract

Plymouth’s Collins Aerospace

As per the reports, a multi-million-pound contract of Government weapons has been awarded to Plymouth’s Collins Aerospace for the development of tech for missiles. Collins Aerospace which is situated in Southway has been selected to develop the inertial sensor as it is the only company in the UK that has proved its skills for developing and constructing futuristic technology for the military market.

This program is part of the UK’s Weapons Sector Research Framework (WSRF) to create a navigation-grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to be used in difficult weapons platforms. Together with the Defence Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Collins Aerospace will make use of its expertise in leading the industry to develop a tactical grade or “Class A” IMU using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology.

Complex weapons of the future require a higher grade of IMU navigation capability that can withstand harsher environments. Over our 100-year history in inertial systems design, Collins has delivered hundreds of thousands of IMUs to both the military and commercial markets. Our forthcoming multi-year relationship with DSTL will provide enhanced capability to our users worldwide,” said Stuart Cooper, IMU value stream leader for Collins Aerospace.

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