The First Look at the 2024 Ram 1500 REV Electric Pickup

by IS_Indust
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The production Ram 1500 REV electric pickup has arrived, and it looks very different from Ram’s dramatic EV concept truck, which was unveiled last month. The styling of the electric Ram is similar to that of the gas truck, save for futuristic headlights and taillights and unique wheels.

Aside from its more modern front and rear ends, the 1500 REV’s shape is nearly identical to that of any other Ram pickup. This model has a crew-cab body and a short bed, but Ram hasn’t said whether it will be available in any other configurations. The REV rides on a new architecture called STLA Frame, which is purpose-built for body-on-frame EV models, beneath a similar body. Ram has also confirmed that a gasoline-powered range-extender version will be available.

Ram did not release any interior images, but based on the size of the cab, it’s unlikely that this version of the 1500 REV will have the three rows of seats or the 18-foot cargo tunnel that ran from the tailgate through the cabin and into the front truck that the Revolution had.

The details about the truck’s power, battery size, range, and other metrics haven’t been finalized yet. We do know that the truck will have an 800-volt electrical architecture, dual motors and a battery integrated within the frame rails, and fully independent suspension.

The few images Ram released show that several of the concept vehicle’s wilder elements have been toned down, though we already knew the show truck’s yawning clamshell, coach doors would not be produced. The show truck’s bulging fenders are also gone, leaving the production model looking narrow and tall rather than long, low, and wide.

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