The Most Powerful V8 Muscle Car, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170  

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Dodge is saying goodbye to its most recognizable engine with a bang. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is a ground-breaking model and the company’s final V8-powered vehicle before ceasing production of them entirely at the end of 2023. A 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with 900 horsepower when using 91 octane gasoline and an astounding 1,025 horsepower when using E85 fuel powers the two-door coupe. Its name makes fun of E85’s alcohol content and is proven by using the number 170. Thanks to both outputs, it is the most potent internal combustion engine vehicle ever sold by a major American automaker. 

The sprint time to 60 mph is certified at 1.66 seconds, and the quarter mile can be completed in 8.9 seconds at a trap speed of 151 mph, making it the fastest production car in the world. 

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis told Fox News Digital that every component of the engine, except the camshaft, has been redesigned to handle the additional power. The vehicle is an evolution of the limited edition 808 horsepower 2018 Challenger SRT Demon. Its enormous 3.0-liter supercharger is included. 

A stronger drive shaft, rear axle housing, and half-shafts are also added to the Demon 170 to help it transmit power to its standard Mickey Thompson street-legal drag tires. The eight-speed automatic uses an improved version of the original Demon’s Trans Brake, a drag racing-inspired feature that locks the eight-speed automatic transmission and enables the driver to rev the engine while the car is stationary without applying the brakes. 

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