7 Startup ideas for student

Online Tutoring Platform 

Develop a platform connecting tutors with students for personalized online tutoring sessions in various subjects. 

Sustainable Products 

Create a line of eco-friendly and sustainable products, such as reusable household items, organic skincare, or eco-conscious fashion. 

Health and Wellness App 

Develop an app offering workout routines, nutrition plans, mental health resources, and wellness tips tailored to individual needs. 

Local Experience Marketplace 

Build a platform that connects travelers with local guides and unique experiences in their area, such as food tours, cultural activities, or adventure trips. 

Freelance Services Hub 

Launch a marketplace for students to offer freelance services like graphic design, writing, coding, or social media management to businesses and individuals. 

Subscription Box Service 

Start a subscription box service catering to specific interests, such as books, snacks, fitness gear, or study essentials, delivered monthly. 

Online Secondhand Store 

Create an online platform for buying and selling pre-owned clothing, accessories, and gadgets, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.