A Multi-million Dollar Update to Sailing Ships is Announced by Windstar

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Windstar Cruises is set to undertake a multi-million dollar project to revamp and modernize the Wind Star, Wind Spirit, and Wind Surf, three of its original, iconic sailing vessels.

A news release states that the multi-year process begins today, when the Wind Star finishes the first step of her refurbishment.

According to the company, the project includes a complete renovation of all public areas with new designs for furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting, and custom art.

Complete renovations will be made to the Owner’s Suites, Premium Suites, and Guest Staterooms, including new furnishings, interactive TVs, and interior design.

Christopher Prelog, President of Windstar, stated, “Our sailing ships are beloved by Windstar guests.” “Sailing a ship adds a sense of freedom and romance to every journey, making it an unforgettable experience.”

After a drydock, the Wind Star, the first sailing ship to initiate the procedure, is currently in Lisbon, getting ready to welcome passengers on board. In 2026, a second phase will incorporate the remaining rooms and dining areas.

While Wind Surf will be renovated in two phases between 2024 and 2026, Wind Spirit will undergo a thorough makeover and be finished by 2025.

According to Windstar’s vice president of hotel operations and product development, Stijn Creupelandt, “this multi-year, multi-million dollar initiative is all about providing guests with updated spaces that inspire relaxation, foster connection, and offer multifunctional needs of an intimate sized sailing yacht.”

“We want to make sure our spaces reflect that desire because we believe that spending time on our yachts is all about moments of connection, whether that be between guests or between guests and crew.”

Highlights of the Wind Star Project, Fall 2023:

Lobby: According to Windstar, opening up the area results in a larger welcome area with more seating and additional retail space.

Lounge: A redesigned layout with a living room-like atmosphere aims to encourage interpersonal connections. According to the company, new finishes, lighting, and furnishings make the space more enjoyable for evening entertainment as well as daily rest.

Spa and Fitness Center: Well-being and relaxation are key considerations in the design of the gym and The World Spa by Windstar. Modern equipment, fresh color schemes, and new finishes are present in both regions.

Pool Deck: According to Windstar, the pool deck, a main attraction on every trip, has been enlarged with the addition of a new pool and jacuzzi as well as an extension of the pool bar. The skylight was removed.
The pool area now has vibrant poufs, ottomans, and rockers in addition to couches for relaxing. Pool deck parties are more enjoyable with the addition of new finishes, lighting, and speakers. The website also claimed that fresh plants and animals surround the pool bar, adding a splash of color.

Artwork: The line is procuring a carefully chosen assortment of artworks for each of the three boats via its collaboration with Fountainhead Arts in Miami. Each piece was created especially for Windstar and has as its central topic the meeting point of organic materials, nature, and the spirit of sailing.

Technology: Every cabin will have a new, larger television that is fully loaded with movies and carefully selected content, as well as the Wayfinder application from the airline. There will be more WiFi access points, which will improve the Starlink internet connection.

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