After Kanye West’s Split, Adidas Will Sell Yeezy Designs Under New Name

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Adidas Will Sell Yeezy Designs Under New Name

Kanye West’s relationship with the German sportswear brand was severed last month after the company branded his offensive social media posts and comments as “dangerous and hateful.”

Even though it ended its collaboration with the rapper last month, Adidas still intends to continue releasing shoes created in association with Kanye West without the Yeezy label.

The German sportswear company claims to be the “sole owner” of a number of design rights, and it plans to use them in 2019. Following the rapper’s antisemitic remarks, Adidas announced in October that it would cease producing its Yeezy clothing and accessories with “immediate effect.”

Previously stating that it “does not tolerate antisemitism,” the German sportswear company described Ye’s most recent remarks as “dangerous and hateful.”

However, according to US media, Adidas’ chief financial officer Harm Ohlmeyer stated during a call to discuss quarterly earnings that strategies to “leverage the existing inventory” were being developed.

He declared that brand solely owns all design rights registered to existing products.

“We want to use these rights as soon as 2023,” they said.

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