Anemoi and Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry Join Hands

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Anemoi and Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry

After signing a landmark agreement with Anemoi Marine Technologies, a UK provider of rotor sails to the shipping industry, top Chinese yard group COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co (CHI) is now able to offer wind propulsion options.

CHI has nine yards capable of the annual production of up to 7.5 million deadweight tonnage across all major vessel segments, as well as a large global customer base. Customers can receive a turnkey installation solution under the terms of the agreement. It’s rotor sails will be installed on newbuild vessels or retrofitted during dry dock.

Flettner rotors, also known as rotor sails, are an energy-saving technology. Mechanical sails are made up of tall cylinders that, when spun, harness the renewable energy of the wind to provide auxiliary propulsion to vessels, reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 5-30%.

Nick Contopoulos, COO of Anemoi Marine Technologies, said, “This is another exciting landmark for Anemoi and will accelerate the take-up of our emission reduction technology. We are proud to have secured the commitment of a top Chinese yard group.”

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