Apple Acquires the Swedish Classical Record Label

by IS_Indust

Apple has acquired BIS Records, a well-established Swedish classical music record label with a 50-year history, as part of its ongoing efforts to cater to classical music enthusiasts. The acquisition will see BIS Records integrated into Apple’s music services, specifically Apple Music Classical and Platoon.

Robert von Bahr, the founder of BIS Records, confirmed the acquisition and noted that both BIS Records and Apple share a strong commitment to preserving audio quality. He mentioned Apple’s spatial audio technology as an area of interest and alignment between the two companies. Von Bahr also highlighted BIS Records’ dedication to nurturing young classical artists, promoting living composers, and preserving classical music for future generations.

While the exact financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, it is clear that Apple is making a deliberate effort to differentiate itself from competitors like Spotify by focusing on classical music. In 2021, Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service known for its extensive database of composer, orchestra, and conductor information, enhancing the classical music experience for fans.

Earlier this year, Apple introduced the Apple Music Classical streaming app, offering its subscribers access to over five million classical tracks searchable by various criteria, such as composer and conductor. This move demonstrates Apple’s commitment to serving the classical music niche and providing a comprehensive music experience.

Apple’s acquisition of BIS Records, along with previous acquisitions like Primephonic and Platoon, underscores its dedication to music and technology innovation, catering to a diverse range of music genres and artists while continuing to build its presence in the music streaming industry.

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