At Aveva World 2023, AVEVA introduces Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS)

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At AVEVA World 2023, a global gathering of industry experts, AVEVA’s revolutionary IIaaS takes center stage and transforms digital transformation. With its ecosystem collaborations and portfolio advancements, AVEVA promises to boost sustainability and efficiency in interconnected information ecosystems, providing amazing opportunities and insights to businesses across the globe.

More than 12 industry sessions, keynotes, and an interactive expo will be explored by over 2,000 industry executives and professionals. Under the topic “Connect your world,” they will have the chance to experience the newest advances in AVEVA’s industrial cloud, view and interact with an industrial digital twin, and try out AI developed by industry experts.

CEO Caspar Herzberg and Chief Commercial Officer Sue Quense will demonstrate in their keynote speeches how business executives are leveraging digital information to take control of the interconnected industrial economy. They will emphasize how AVEVA’s Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) helps teams drive the next wave of sustainable industrial growth by democratizing access to information.

“AVEVA Connect is the digital experience providing access to everything our customers and partners need to design, build, operate, and optimize better with industrial intelligence-as-a-service,” stated Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA. You may now develop a living digital twin, find new opportunities, and work with a single asset or the whole value chain in all significant industries. The obvious advantage is that it fosters better teamwork and organizational collaboration, which opens up new possibilities and helps you turn sustainability into a competitive advantage.

Industry leaders are currently realizing 10% greater profitability, a 3X return on investment, and up to 20% better sustainability performance by using this strategy. The actual advantages, however, lie beyond the data: by converting industrial output into digital insights, linked digital insight enables you to convert volatility into economic opportunity, allowing you to achieve your most ambitious goals and increase resilience, efficiency, and sustainable impact.

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