Barry Diller Suggests That Hollywood Studios Should Not Include Netflix in Strike Negotiations

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Media mogul Barry Diller has warned the legacy Hollywood studios about the potentially catastrophic consequences of the ongoing dual strikes by writers and actors. Diller expressed his concerns on the podcast “On with Kara Swisher,” stating that the strikes could significantly strengthen streaming giant Netflix while weakening the rest of the industry. Diller, who has held key roles at Fox, Paramount, and ABC Entertainment, suggested that the legacy studios should cut Netflix and other streamers out of negotiations with the unions as their interests diverge.

Diller’s remarks underscore his belief that the strikes are detrimental to the legacy studios and their ability to compete in the rapidly changing media landscape. He emphasized that the traditional studios, writers, and actors should be natural allies due to their long history of collaboration. The ongoing Writers Guild of America and actors’ union strikes have disrupted the production of TV shows and movies, raising concerns about the availability of fresh content for streaming services in the coming years.

Diller’s comments echo his earlier statements that the strikes could lead to an industry collapse. He also criticized the legacy studios for not focusing on their broadcast and pay-TV networks, suggesting that they redirect their creative efforts towards building up these networks instead of solely relying on streaming platforms.

Diller’s perspective reflects the broader industry debate over the impact of the strikes and the strategies legacy studios should adopt to navigate the evolving media landscape. As the strikes continue, the legacy studios are faced with the challenge of finding a resolution that balances the interests of content creators, streamers, and traditional media platforms.

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