Five ways how digital marketing is taking over

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How digital marketing is taking over

The world of marketing is increasingly going the digital way. In fact, in marketing, there seems to be increasingly little that can be done without digitization.

Be it from getting client details, onboarding clients, understanding their needs, providing services and products to getting feedback, there’s nothing in which digitization hasn’t made its presence felt. In some cases, for instance in the collaterals and visuals, it could ONLY be digitization.

The obvious question that comes to mind is: Why is digitization getting increasing prominence in marketing?

There are in fact quite a few valid reasons for same including:

  • Accuracy! Nothing can beat the sharpness and incisiveness of digital information! Be it about the product, customer needs, the effects of a campaign or any other matter (related or otherwise to marketing), there’s nothing close to digitization when it comes to accuracy of information. And accuracy of the digital kind only leads to sharper decisions and outcomes.
  • Speed of output! Things move digitally at the speed of light! That being the order, things happen fast when they go digital which includes an activity as important as marketing. Going digital, every element of marketing be it planning campaigns, registering its results, changing objectives etc become immensely fast which affects everything down the line including product/ services and logistics.
  • Changes! There was a time when any changes in an existing marketing campaign could take days to reflect a new understand. In some cases, in the absence of the right information no changes were done during the continuance of a campaign which could lead to results very different from expectations.
  • Costs! Going digital, for the kind of output and speed it promises, the price one pays turns out to be peanuts. Nothing in the past could ever promise this scenario with such certainty!
  • Information storage! The world today stores information far, far in excess of what took place at any point in the past. And the only reason it’s possible is due to digitization of information into data which can be stores with accuracy and ease.
  • Availability! Try imagining the files and folders that was the norm of storing information in the past. Try having to take information from some file in some cupboard in some location. Locating a needle in a haystack could be easier than that. Much, much easier than either is locating information stored digitally. For those using computers, try doing the same activity without a machine to understand the worth of going digital!

And now to the main question posed by this article. Ways how digital marketing is taking over!

– It’s converting everything into data, the new God!

If digital marketing could be equated to a dog, it would get the smell and bite only one thing. Data! Nothing else would matter. And that’s precisely what digital marketing is doing to information. It’s digitizing everything, be it the campaign, its graphics, its language, its looks and feel, why even the final results are converted to numbers. And how does it help? It helps comprehend, compare and correct.

And do that with unheard-of speeds. Worldwide, digital marketing is converting everything from initial objective to final outcome into data.

Digital marketing campaigns are increasingly getting focussed with the right kind of information about users

Going digital being a synonym of going accurate, digital marketing campaigns which are today 24 x 7 are going out guns blazing to get accurate information on customer needs, ideas and objectives so that the right product is provided at the right time at the right price. And of course, with the right experiences. With no two customers ever being exactly alike, digitization helps map needs accurately for the right results.

– Digital marketing tracks the users on practically an everyday basis be it using smartphones, heat-maps or voice-activated devices besides NLP and the rest

With the backing of the internet, digital marketing can track practically every move of a user across mediums, platforms and gadgets using a variety of means including heat-maps, keystrokes, NLP and voice-activations. Such unobtrusive data collection and collation could not have been possible without digitization.

In the non-digitised mode, it couldn’t ever have gone beyond actively asking for information. With digitization, practically every activity of an audience can be tapped for data on marketing and outcomes.

– Bots, the darlings of the digital world, is the new helper be it the moment you encounter issues with products, online information and many more

Digital marketing, given the backing of data-deciphering machines like AI and Machine Learning can employ any number of means to help customers like never before. An Elexa, Siri and the rest of the clan or even the ubiquitous chat-bot on websites is a factor of digitization that lets it activity assist customers both in the cyber world or the real one.

Going forward, digital marketing would take within its ambit the likes of robots of every kind which could record the most intimate observations and reactions of customers to provide even more accurate services.

– Customer feedback is even more expensive than gold to refine engagement

What’s most important in the scenario of business survival? Hands down, it would be just one thing. Understanding customer needs and keeping them perennially satisfied. While observing and getting information through means including NLP, bots, heatmaps and the likes, there’s nothing quite like direct feedback from a customer on issues they latter considers pertinent, important, and very personal.

One of the best ways to ease the process of receiving and actioning customer feedback in the world of marketing is by going digital in the right places. Form filling on a website, a WhatsApp number to register complaints and feedback, a recorded message over Alexa or Siri, an email etc are some of the most used and understood of means to receive, record and action customer feedback. Imagine if this wasn’t the case!

The customer would have to call numbers, send feedback by snail-mail, and do everything which would have wasted the latter’s efforts. And what if the letter was lost or the call not actioned as expected? Waste it would be. Now try comparing the scenario with that existing today or likely to improve tomorrow!

– M. Purushoutham

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