Fortinet’s Industrial Network Security Portfolio is Expanded

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The goal of Fortinet’s hardware and software upgrades to its OT Security Platform is to safeguard assets connected to industrial networks and assist businesses in merging their OT and IT network operations.

With new hardware and software intended to safeguard assets connected to industrial networks, Fortinet has increased the scope of its security offerings. New ruggedized switches and wireless APs, along with increased support for the vendor’s analytics and threat-detection software, are all part of the OT Security Platform.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), FortiSwitch Secure Access Switches, FortiAP Secure Wireless Access Points, Network Traffic Analyzer, and FortiClient Endpoint Security Agent are all part of Fortinet’s OT platform. When combined, these resources monitor OT traffic and shield endpoints against viruses, malware, and other dangers.

The company’s flagship operating system, FortiOS, manages everything and integrates with Fortinet’s comprehensive Security Fabric to provide enterprise IT services like switching, SD-WAN, firewalls, access control, authentication, and wireless capabilities.

The ultimate objective, according to Nirav Shah, vice president of products and solutions at Fortinet, is to allow enterprise customers to seamlessly merge OT and enterprise IT networks. “The Security Fabric, with expansive solutions in the enterprise environment, coupled with the purpose-built OT solutions in the OT Security Platform, enables IT and OT convergence as a guiding strategy for CIOs and CISOs.”

Fortinet released a new FortiSwitch Rugged 424F industrial Ethernet switch and a FortiAP 432F access point this week, designed for usage in dangerous over-the-air situations. In order to provide integrated security and access management, the switch interfaces with FortiGate NGFWs and supports real-time OT networking protocols.

According to Fortinet, the new AP and previous APs in the Fortinet product line are made to make it simple for users to divide up Wi-Fi networks in order to prevent malicious attacks from propagating over unsecured devices. A ruggedized FortiExtender Vehicle 211F wireless gateway was also added by the vendor for use in OT deployments, mobile systems, and networked fleets.

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