Germany begins a feasibility study on Solar Cells Manufacturing

by IS_Indust

This week, the German engineering association, Verbandes Deutsches Maschinenbau Anlage (VDMA), announced that it had received sponsorship from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to conduct a study on the most efficient approach to reestablishing supply chains for the entire PV industry in Europea.


VDMA, PV factory specialists RCT Solutions, and research institute ISC Konstanz will lead the study. They plan to launch the investigation with a comprehensive workshop during Munich’s June Intersolar Europe exhibition and conference. They are inviting other stakeholders in the industry in Germany and Europe to participate.

Germany can immediately establish large-scale, fully integrated production. Even if this necessitates billion-dollar investments, “states RCT Solutions CTO Wolfgang Jooss.

Over 90% of solar components are currently produced in Asia. However, we have demonstrated through large-scale projects in Turkey and India that the industry and its entire value chain can reappear if the conditions are present.

End Note

Germany and Europe were among the regions that were particularly hard hit by the need to reduce reliance on Russian gas quickly. The European Association has responded with plans to bring some assembling of clean energy advancements back to the locale. Yet, these activities have been condemned by quite a few people as excessively little.

Europe, according to critics, runs the risk of being left behind as other regions, particularly the United States and India, move forward with ambitious plans for PV manufacturing.

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