Global Collaboration on AAM Being Urged by Vertical’s Cervenka

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AAM Being Urged by Vertical’s Cervenka

Michael Cervenka, president of Vertical Aerospace mentioned that unless the U.S. and Europe align together on policy, regulation, and global collaboration, none of them will be able to take a leadership position in advanced air mobility (AAM).

Rather, Asia will rise as a leader, and he told attendees at the Honeywell Air Mobility Summit 2022 in Washington, D.C.

He said, “The megatrend, the biggest market opportunities will be in Asia, and that’s where we will end up putting our focus.”

Michael also talked about comments that were made throughout the day surrounding what was essential to help make AAM a reality and how the United States can take a leadership position in those efforts.

As long as the United States leadership in the market, he observed that while it is an important market, it represents around 20% of the forecast for future eVTOLs. “So, if the U.S. wants to lead, it needs to take a really global perspective,” concludes Mr. Cervenka.

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