Indian Contract Manufacturer Dixon Technologies Collaborates with Dassault Systèmes for Enhancing Output

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On Friday, Dixon Technologies, a domestic contract manufacturer, announced a partnership with Dassault Systèmes aimed at streamlining its manufacturing processes, elevating quality control standards, and boosting production output.

Under this collaboration, Dixon will leverage Dassault’s technology solutions, including DELMIA Apriso applications. These tools will provide the electronics contract manufacturer with data-driven insights into its operations, enabling real-time detection of leaks and product misalignments, reducing time-to-market for products, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The partnership holds significant importance for Dixon, as manufacturing facilities worldwide increasingly adopt digital and automated processes to enhance efficiency and product quality. Furthermore, it will aid Dixon in reducing production costs and improving its bottom line.

The financial details of this partnership were not revealed by any of the partners.

“In smartphones, when we started, we were at a productivity level of 220 (units) per hour. We feel through this digital transformation journey, automation, and robotics, we should be able to increase it to 350-400 per hour. So, you can imagine how the production cost will go down,” said Atul B Lall, vice chairman and managing director of Dixon Technologies during a press briefing.

“The seamless integration of DELMIA Apriso into our manufacturing processes will enable us to further optimise our operations, drive innovation and deliver even greater value to our clients,” Lall added.

Dixon manufactures smartphones and feature phones for various companies including Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Jio, and others at its four facilities located in Noida. In addition to mobile devices, the company also produces home appliances, televisions, telecom products, and lighting products. Dixon boasts a manufacturing capacity of 30 million smartphones and 50 million feature phones annually.

Deepak NG, managing director at Dassault Systèmes India, said, “DELMIA Apriso empowers manufacturers like Dixon Technologies to optimise their global manufacturing operations, drive efficiency and accelerate innovation, all while ensuring the highest quality standards”.

Dassault states that the partnership will revolutionize the approach to designing, manufacturing, and delivering products to global markets.

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