Indian Semi Conductor Sector Can Face Shortfall of 3,00,000 Professionals by 2027: Report

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India’s semiconductor industry is anticipated to face a shortage of 250,000 to 300,000 professionals by 2027, according to a report by TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship. This shortage will impact various sectors, including research and development (R&D), design, manufacturing, and advanced packaging.

This talent gap is critical as India aims to secure a significant share of the global semiconductor manufacturing market. The government has launched a Rs 76,000 crore semiconductor incentive scheme, approving four projects so far. These include Micron’s assembly, test, marking, and packaging (ATMP) project, Tata’s chip manufacturing and assembly project, and CG Power’s chip assembly project, with more projects in the pipeline awaiting approval.

Industry projections indicate that India’s semiconductor market could reach $100 billion by 2030. To address the skills gap, the government and industry have collaborated to introduce specialized semiconductor courses in over 300 prominent colleges. Degree apprenticeships are also being promoted to integrate theoretical education with practical training, providing industries with a highly qualified workforce.

Ramesh Alluri Reddy, CEO of TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, emphasized the growing demand for professionals skilled in AI, IoT, and 5G, driven by AI-powered chip design and smart manufacturing. He highlighted the importance of building an ecosystem for high-value activities and developing a competent workforce through degree apprenticeships and training programs to establish India as a significant player in the semiconductor industry.

The Electronics Sector Skill Council (ESSC), a not-for-profit organization, currently offers over 35 apprenticeship courses under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) to address skill shortages at various entry levels. NAPS-2 aims to enhance apprenticeship training by providing partial stipend support, building capacity in the apprenticeship ecosystem, and advocating for stakeholders.

Sumit Kumar, Chief Business Officer at TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship, noted that the number of apprenticeships in the electronics industry has increased over 12 times, from 7,517 in FY20 to 91,948 in FY24.

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