Industry minister visit to Mongolia to Strengthen the UK’s Vital Supply Lines for Minerals

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  • Industry Minister Nusrat Ghani travels to Mongolia in order to strengthen the UK’s supply chain for minerals and to open doors for mining companies operating in the UK.
  • The UK was the first Western nation to establish diplomatic ties with Mongolia, and this visit commemorates that milestone.
  • The minister will promote the UK’s renewable energy sector and look into major economic potential for mining companies operating in mineral-rich Mongolia.

Today, on a historic visit to Mongolia, Industry Minister Nusrat Ghani will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UK’s diplomatic relations with the mineral-rich East Asian nation, expand trade and investment opportunities, and highlight prospects for UK businesses throughout the vital minerals supply chain.

Since the world will require four times as many critical minerals by 2040 as it does now, Minister Ghani will meet with senior business and government officials in Mongolia while she is there to discuss the substantial business opportunities that exist for UK companies throughout the critical minerals supply chain, particularly in the areas of surveying and extraction.

Additionally, the visit will strengthen the UK’s already robust trading ties with Mongolia, which were valued at over £200 million in 2022.

The Minister will also participate in celebrations in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, to commemorate the historic 60 years since the UK became the first Western nation to establish diplomatic ties with Mongolia.

After backing Mongolia’s application to join the UN in 1961, which cleared the way for establishing relations, the UK became the first Western nation to establish diplomatic relations with Mongolia in 1963, realizing the potential to develop centuries-old economic and social links.

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