Israeli and Jewish Schools Advise Parents on Removing Hostage-Related Content from Instagram and TikTok

by IS_Indust

Various Israeli and Jewish schools are reportedly advising parents to remove social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly known as Twitter) from their children’s smartphones to shield them from violent images and videos related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

A Tel Aviv school’s parents’ association expressed concerns about the potential release of graphic videos by Hamas fighters showing hostages “begging for their lives.” The message emphasized the difficulty of containing such content on social media platforms. Similar warnings have been issued by Jewish schools in the United States, urging parents to instruct their children to delete Instagram and TikTok immediately.

Some individuals have shared notices from schools on social media platforms, including X and Meta’s Threads real-time messaging service, informing parents about the potential exposure of students to distressing content through social apps. One message shared by an individual mentioned that videos of hostages begging for their lives were expected to be released soon.

Aviva Klompas, a co-founder of the Boundless Israel nonprofit, shared a school’s message to parents on X, advising them to remove TikTok and Instagram apps from their children’s phones. Journalist Joanna Stern also shared messages on X from her Jewish high school and local Jewish Community Center, suggesting parents delete X, Instagram, and TikTok due to the “graphic and misleading information” on these platforms.

Yair Rosenberg of The Atlantic posted a message on Threads mentioning an email from a noted US Jewish high school advising parents to have their kids delete TikTok and Instagram, anticipating that Hamas might post videos of Israeli hostages. President Joe Biden, during a speech, stated that Hamas is holding an unknown number of Americans as hostages, with at least 14 Americans killed in the conflict.

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