New Features on Whatsapp Might Be Updated Soon 

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New Features

WhatsApp is the only messaging app that many people require. And in the last year or so, it has gotten a few new features and enhancements that make it even better. 

There has been a steady drip of regular updates, ranging from genuinely useful additions like the ability to leave groups quietly to fun ones like WhatsApp avatars. 

Although WhatsApp does not usually announce new features ahead of time, it does have a beta program on Android and iOS. This means that anyone who signs up for them will be the first to see the new features. 

Here are five new features that are being developed or tested and are either available now or will be available soon for all WhatsApp users. 

  1. Text detection in WhatsApp images 

WhatsApp is currently beta testing a feature that detects text in WhatsApp images and allows you to copy and paste it. The update will be useful for documents and forms, saving you from having to manually type out all of the details. 

  1. Sending photos and videos with captions via WhatsApp 

According to the Sun, another possible WhatsApp update would be the ability to send pictures and videos to contacts with captions. 

  1. Blocking individuals on WhatsApp 

WhatsApp wants to create a shortcut that allows users to quickly block other users. 

  1. Transfer your WhatsApp history 

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow you to shuffle your WhatsApp chat history between Android phones without using Google Drive. This update, however, has not yet reached the Beta stage of the trial process. 

  1. New camera mode for easier video recording 

Another upcoming update will include a brand-new camera mode. The new feature’s goal is to make it easier to record videos. 

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