New Solar Energy Proposal of California Takes off Huge Amount of Connection Fee

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Solar Energy

New Solar Energy Proposal of California

On Thursday. California regulates a proposal for rooftop solar system credits as a debatable matter. As the state is planning to expand its solar energy sources.

The new proposal lends almost millions of dollars of support to low-income customers while excluding their monthly tax for solar homes This has a significant impact on the larger share of clean energy generated by wealthier Californians.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) states, “The proposal will not affect current solar homeowners and will maintain their present compensation.”

Shares of the rooftop solar system provide including Sunrun Inc., SunPower Corp., and Sunnova Energy International Inc., closed 20-27% higher than usual, on Thursday.

Mary Powell, Chief Executive of Sunrun stated with affirmation, “Customers will not be penalized unjustifiably for generating and storing local clean energy to both participated in modern ways to power their lives and contribute to fighting the climate change, as it is a crucial move in the right direction.”

The State Government of California aims to reach the target of generating about 90% of electricity from clean sources by 2035.

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