Newark Airport’s New Terminal A

by IS_Indust
New Terminal A

It’s a million square feet in size, has 21 gates, screams “you’re in New Jersey” with art, food, and decor, and has the kind of space and amenities that fliers using Newark Liberty International Airport’s old Terminal A could only dream about.

Wake up. Today marks the opening of Newark Airport’s new Terminal A.

The $2.7 billion Terminal A finally opens to air travelers on Thursday, after being delayed from December 8 due to issues with fire alarms and other safety systems.

While much has been written about how much better the new terminal is than the 1970s-era structure it replaces, here is some information travelers should know about using the new Terminal A. A visitor guide is also available on the Port Authority’s Newark airport website.

According to Cheryl Ann Abienz, a Port Authority spokeswoman, the old Terminal A will close on January 12 and all operations will be relocated to the new building. It’s time to say good-by. Flyers will find more space, better amenities, and less confusion in the new terminal. 

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