Next-Gen Business Will Adapt to Disruptive Headwinds Through SAP and Kearney Partnership

by IS_Indust

For today’s business leaders, the greatest certainty is uncertainty. Economic challenges and supply chain disruptions continue across all industries, with new world-changing events occurring seemingly every day. It is undeniable that unpredictability must become a permanent part of the design process.

Simply put, both private and public organizations must reinvent their business strategies for a constantly disruptive environment and position themselves for growth and innovation. And it is up to the leadership of each organization not only to recover but also to revitalize, innovate and create a new approach that puts their company ahead of the competition.

Therefore, the strengthening of the partnership with Kearney, a global strategic consulting firm, was recently announced in a well-suited collaboration. Together, these companies have decades of technical knowledge and technology experience, and our combined expertise and strategies can provide a unique framework for modern businesses seeking to navigate today’s disruptions.

The partnership between SAP and Kearney enables the reduction of disruption risks while maintaining detailed overall visibility. This makes it easier to respond to problems more quickly and efficiently. And it helps ensure that companies fully maximize their technology investments by adding value to the cloud.

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