Peloton wants to become a workout business for everyone with an app and tiered membership pricing

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Peloton, the popular fitness company, is undergoing a significant brand relaunch in an effort to reshape its image and attract a more diverse customer base. The company faced criticism in the past for its controversial holiday commercial, which sparked accusations of sexism and exclusivity. Under the leadership of CEO Barry McCarthy, Peloton is determined to shed its previous reputation and present itself as a fitness brand for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or income.

The relaunch includes a new marketing campaign that emphasizes Peloton’s app and subscription services, rather than solely focusing on its high-end equipment. The company aims to highlight the accessibility and versatility of its app, showcasing people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities using it not only at home but also in gyms. Peloton believes that this approach will expand its market reach and attract new members who may not have considered the brand before.

By offering a tiered app strategy, including a free membership option, Peloton aims to remove barriers and appeal to a wider audience. The company recognizes that not everyone wants or can afford its expensive equipment, and it wants to provide value and options to all users. While the focus on the app does not mean Peloton is abandoning its hardware business, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to adapt to changing consumer preferences and lifestyles.

Peloton’s relaunch signifies a strategic shift as it seeks to position itself as a more inclusive and accessible fitness brand. The company’s new marketing strategy reflects its evolution and the vibrant diversity of its community, instructors, and content. By opening up its total addressable market and offering different entry points, Peloton aims to drive long-term growth and provide a personalized fitness experience for individuals at various stages of their fitness journey. While the success of the relaunch remains to be seen, Peloton is optimistic about the potential to attract and retain a broader range of customers.

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