Power supporters yearn for better days in Solar Industry

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Solar Industry

Advocates for the use of solar energy anticipate that legislators will keep pushing for legislation in 2024 that has the potential to significantly alter industry regulations and rapidly expand Georgia’s rooftop solar market.

Enormous Moves in Solar Industry

Georgia’s official meeting for 2023 finished Walk 29 with a house-to-house deals bill addressing the primary sun-powered measure to win the last endorsement in both the state House and Senate.

Don Moreland, Executive Director of Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association (GSEIA), mentioned anticipation of modifications in solar bills to pass them. Next year, lawmakers return for the second half of the two-year session in January. Additionally, additional solar initiatives may be in the works when the General Assembly returns to the Capitol in January.

Many of the provisions of Dallas GOP Rep. Joseph Gullett’s House Bill 73, which requires solar contractors to disclose all information to customers, along with the amount of energy the panels will generate, the projected utility savings, and the amount their utility company will pay them for the excess solar energy returning to the grid, has been praised by Georgia Solar and the Sierra Club of Georgia.

Legislative Support

According to Gullett, the legislation would increase oversight of an industry in which out-of-state con artists sell overpriced equipment to unsuspecting customers and make false claims about utility bill savings.

However, the state solar association opposes Gullett’s intention to grant the Georgia Public Service Commission authority to regulate solar businesses.

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