Responding to Rising Demand, Tech Companies Attempt to Certify Developers

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Tech Companies

Tech Companies Attempt to Certify Developers

Tech Companies intend to begin certifying in-house developers to increase the pool of talent, despite the government’s delay in issuing certification standards and a scarcity of experts in the field.

Last week’s meeting of industry players and global schools blamed State delays in issuing certification for tech developers for stifling the growth of qualified coding experts. This skill, which can be taught from childhood, currently lacks an examination model by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), resulting in a shortage of graduates to meet industry demand.

The entry of US tech titans such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google into the local market has revealed a talent shortage, forcing multinationals to hire based on competency tests rather than qualifications. Due to a developer shortage, local firms such as Safaricom have pledged to begin recruiting developers from learning institutions while also influencing curriculum to ensure a larger pool of talent for the future.

“We are working with industry to see if the tech companies we are talking to can give certification of certain levels to those who graduate from high schools because the skills taught in coding are in high demand,”  said Mugumo Munene, CEO of Kodris Africa.

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