Some Employees at Google protest the company’s return-to-work crackdown, saying, “Check my work, not my Badge”

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Google is facing growing discontent among its employees regarding its return-to-office policies. The company recently updated its hybrid work policy to include badge tracking and attendance being included in performance reviews. This has led to concerns among employees that management is exerting excessive control over physical attendance and treating them like schoolchildren. There is also increased uncertainty among employees who moved to different cities and states after being allowed to work remotely.

Google spokesperson Ryan Lamont clarified that the badge data collected is aggregated and used for company leaders to understand how teams are adopting the hybrid work model. The company does not share individual badge data in its reports. However, an internal document indicates that group leaders will be notified about employees who have been consistently absent from the office.

The discontent surrounding Google’s return-to-office policies is the latest challenge for the company as it tries to bring employees back to its offices and campuses. The pandemic brought about a shift in priorities and a desire for more flexibility among employees, who have grown accustomed to remote work options. Tech companies, including Google, flourished during the pandemic with the help of cloud-based collaboration tools.

Google is not alone in facing challenges with hybrid work. Other tech companies, such as Amazon and Salesforce, have also encountered resistance from employees regarding their return-to-office mandates. Google aims to limit remote work to exceptional cases and encourages in-person connection and collaboration.

As the situation evolves, it remains to be seen how Google and other companies will navigate the complexities of hybrid work and address the concerns of their employees.

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