Space companies must go beyond just launching Rockets

by IS_Indust

Virgin Orbit has been looking for funding to keep the business afloat over the past few weeks, putting employees on leave and suspending work on its launchers.

One of the company’s rockets failed in January, destroying the nine satellites aboard. This caused financial difficulties. The Nasdaq may delist Astra, another company that focuses on sending small payloads into orbit.

An Overview

According to some analysts, a company may not be able to survive simply by being able to launch rockets into orbit.

Space Capital’s Chad Anderson tells Axios. ” Every one of the organizations that have effectively arrived at circle over the most recent 20 years will let you know that send-off alone isn’t sufficient. They are all moving down the value chain, from making spacecraft to providing satellite services and landing spacecraft on the Moon.

On the other hand, SpaceX is expanding its Starlink satellite constellation as an additional revenue stream. Firefly Aerospace is working on the Blue Ghost lunar lander for sending payloads to the Moon. Additionally, Rocket Lab has a Photon satellite bus that can be utilized in a wide range of orbits.

End Note

Governments might be particularly interested in small launchers because of their capacity to launch small satellites when needed for military purposes quickly and to place them in a specific orbit.

It is possible to support a rocket company solely by sending payloads into space, but this would likely require significant support from government clients.

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