The Circumstance for Nationalizing Solar Energy Supply Chains in the US

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Solar Energy

The transition to clean energy is urgent and necessitates a significant expansion of green energy production capacity and infrastructure. The energy crisis that is currently raging across Europe as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the weaknesses of global supply chains and calls for an emphasis on short supply chains.

Nationalizing the supply chains for solar energy could make it easier to use more renewable energy and cut down on emissions and energy use.

More on the Solar Supply Chain

To meet global climate goals, green energy production capacity and infrastructure must be significantly expanded and accelerated. We stand to lose a great deal if we fail to meet this unprecedented challenge. The shift in the global economy’s foundation, carbon-based fossil fuels, is terrifying and certain to be fraught with difficulties. Therefore, achieving a successful clean energy transition will require striking a balance between decarbonization and energy security.

The climate for energy security is particularly challenging right now. Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated years of volatility brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is presently a reestablished center around the general strength of short stock chains, both in strategy and exploration circles.

Additionally, there are compelling reasons to keep supply lines short and straightforward. In one model, another review from Cornell College finds that nationalizing US sun oriented energy supply chains would significantly diminish their carbon impression and energy use.

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