The ‘End Call’ Button on the iPhone Has Been Moved Back to the Centre by Apple in the Most Recent Beta

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In the latest developer iteration of iOS 17, which was unveiled on Tuesday, Apple has returned the “end call” button to the center of the screen, undoing a change it had previously contemplated during the summer, according to recent reports.

Earlier beta versions of iOS 17 had relocated the red “end call” button to the lower right-hand corner of the screen, diverging from its long-standing placement at the center of the lower half of the display. However, in the most recent developer beta release, the “end call” button is once again centered vertically, positioned amidst a trio of buttons located toward the bottom of the screen.

It’s important to note that Apple’s potential alteration to the user interface remains subject to change and is currently visible solely in the company’s latest developer beta version. These beta programs are primarily aimed at software developers and early adopters, enabling them to test the new iOS version and identify any bugs before the official release, scheduled for the autumn, along with the launch of new iPhones.

Apple’s move of the “end call” button marks a departure from its long-standing placement tradition. The update accompanies a renovation of the call identification functionality, introducing a novel feature dubbed “contact posters.” This feature empowers users to select the image that will be displayed when they call another iPhone user. This alteration led Apple to relocate the buttons to the bottom of the screen, as the new images now occupy a substantial portion of the call interface.

Apple has previously contemplated and executed adjustments to the user experience. Notably, it explored relocating the URL bar to the bottom of the Safari browser page, aligning with the ergonomic preferences of users with larger screens. However, user feedback led Apple to revert some planned changes and offer the option to shift the URL bar back to the top of the page prior to the official software release. Similarly, Apple has repositioned push notifications to the bottom of the iPhone screen in recent years.

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