The Third Global Industry 4.0 Conference Looks at the Advantages of AI for Services

by IS_Indust

The third Global Industry 4.0 Conference, an AI Conference, was held on Wednesday at Industrie du Maroc in Casablanca.

The occasion intends to boost Morocco’s plan for the national adoption of digital technologies by 2025.

Leading academics, professionals, and business stakeholders from across the world attended the conference to learn more about how AI may change the economic and social environment in Morocco.

“Artificial intelligence can be used in different places such as infrastructure to enhance the skills and capacity for the industrial environment,” said Amal El Fellah Seghrouchni, a keynote speaker at the event. It can also be used to enhance the production and personalize the services provided by the industry. Today there are a lot of startups that can benefit from AI such as Health and Finance.”

According to a news release from Industrie du Maroc, AI is continuing to transform a number of industries, including healthcare, education, business, and financial services.

“The potential of AI in reshaping our society and economy is immense. We must come together as stakeholders to ensure that AI is developed and utilised in ways that align with our core human values,” stated keynote speaker and AI expert Fatima Ahmed.

The occasion emphasised how AI is affecting Moroccan industrial and commercial ecosystems. The benefits and difficulties posed by AI were discussed, and it was emphasised the importance of startups in fostering innovation and bringing disruptive technology to market.

“Morocco needs to be ready to produce lithium batteries that can endure temperatures as high as 50°C by the years 2030–2035.  One of the event’s keynote presenters, Rachid Yazami, stated that “we are developing methods by which we can keep safe and exceed the normal temperature to 90 Celsius.”

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