UK Industry Services Embraces Extension of the Swiss Visa Agreement

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Swiss Visa Agreement

UK Industry  Extension of the Swiss Visa Agreement

With regards to Services Mobility Agreement, UK and Switzerland shook hands on a three-year extension of Swiss Visa Agreement in supporting UK professionals to work in Switzerland without a permit for 90 days.

The Trade Secretary, Kemi Badenoch states, “This is just the beginning. I am excited to launch negotiations with the fast-pacing future trade deal with Switzerland.” She further adds, “The deal would boost our strong trading relationship, with worth £39 billion as of last year”

Switzerland is the UK’s sixth largest export market for services with £12 billion worth of exports last year. Other business services include accountancy, architecture, and various other legal services worth about £6.5 billion and finance reported £1.9 billion.

The Policy Chairman of the City of London Corporation, Chris Hayward mentioned, “The extension to the Services Mobility Agreement is hugely welcomed. With UK and Switzerland being of paramount importance to finance and professional service sector.”

The deal is in operation from the start of 2021 and has a transformative effect on companies’ ability to provide services in each other’s countries by permitting employees to work swiftly in both states.

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