United Airlines Places An Enormous Dreamliner Order

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United Airlines

By 2032, United Airlines said it anticipates receiving about 700 new narrow- and wide-body aircraft.

United Airlines announced on Tuesday that it is purchasing 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft with the option to buy an additional 100.

With the option to select from the 787-8, -9, or -10 models, United said it now anticipates receiving about 700 new narrow and wide-body aircraft by 2032, with an average of more than two per week in 2023 and three per week in 2024.

In addition, the company ordered 56 more Boeing 737 Max aircraft for delivery in 2027 and 2028 and exercised its options to buy 44 Boeing 737 Max aircraft for delivery from 2024 to 2026.

United CEO Scott Kirby said in a statement that the company “emerged from the pandemic as the world’s leading global airline and the flag carrier of the United States.” “This order accelerates our plan to connect more people to more places around the world and deliver the best experience in the sky, further solidifying our lead and creating new opportunities for our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

According to Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, “With this investment in its future fleet, the 737 MAX and 787 will help United accelerate its fleet modernization and global growth strategy.”

The new wide-body order is anticipated to replace about 100 older Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 models, with all 767 models being retired from United’s fleet by 2030.

According to United, the change is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions per seat for the new planes by up to 25% when compared to the older planes they are expected to replace.

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