Virgin Voyages Signs Deal with DL Services

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Virgin Voyages and DL Services have reached an agreement to install DL’s Life Cycle System (LCS) for the Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady.

The LCS is an important tool for identifying OEM spare parts in galley and laundry areas for selection, equipment replacement, and maintenance, as well as defining the scope of work and planning modernization projects.
“Our Life Cycle System is a great and valuable tool, providing fast, reliable information about galley (and laundry) equipment with spare parts exploded views, troubleshooting guidelines, and more,” said Daniel Laine, DL Services President and CEO.

According to DL Services, LCS customers have simple access to built-in design documentation and up-to-date OEM spare parts lists with exploded views, allowing them to easily identify the appropriate replacement parts. This will allow cruise lines to speed up order processing and reduce orders for faulty or obsolete items, which was a hurdle before adopting LCS.

“Now that we have our LCS implemented on our vessels, we are starting to use the system on a daily basis and preparing detailed specifications for modernization projects without having to go onboard because we have all information at our fingertips,” said Philip Bender, director of marine and technical procurement at Virgin Voyages.

Added Anaïs Habbar, vice president, DL Services: “LCS is a web-access solution offering a complete detailed inventory of all galley and laundry equipment installed onboard the existing fleet to be updated periodically. The system offers, for each vessel, a visual approach to coordinate onboard operations with deck plans, detailed technical documentation, and videos of areas.
LCS provides information that improves both equipment-replacement planning, budget forecasting and routine decision-making.”

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