WA’s Hydrogen Industry makes Significant Progress thanks to a $70 million Investment in the Kwinana Hydrogen Hub

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Hydrogen Industry

With the completion of a significant milestone on the H2Kwinana Hydrogen Hub, which is funded in part by $70 million from the Albanese Government as part of its Regional Hydrogen Hubs program, the government is accelerating investment in Western Australia’s industrial sector.

We are pleased to announce that the project is now moving forward to Front-End Engineering Design, which is a significant step forward for the hydrogen industry in Western Australia.

As WA seizes the chance presented by the shift to clean energy, this investment will help decarbonize the industrial sector and generate jobs in the region.

Under the direction of BP Australia, the H2Kwinana Hydrogen Hub is expected to generate 150 jobs. A 100 MW electrolyser will be part of it, and production capacity can be increased to 1.5 GW in the future.

The construction of H2Kwinana is scheduled to conclude in the middle of 2027, with site preparations having already begun.

When it is operating, it has the potential to produce more than 14,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually for use in heavy transportation and industry. This is the same as fuelling about 750 heavy-duty vehicles annually in Australia.

The project entails upgrading the current on-site hydrogen pipeline system as well as installing hydrogen storage, compression, and truck loading facilities.

Almost half a billion dollars is being invested by the Albanese government in regional hydrogen hubs, which are being built in the Hunter, Bell Bay, Port Bonython, Gladstone, Pilbara, and Kwinana.

As Australia becomes a renewable energy superpower, the hydrogen industry is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs in regional Australia and contribute $50 billion to the country’s GDP by 2050.

Minister Bowen declared, “Investing in Australia’s hydrogen industry is investing in Australia’s future.” Being a long-standing industrial and economic powerhouse, Kwinana is the perfect place for a hydrogen hub that can assist in the decarbonization of heavy industry and link our renewable resources to the global community.

“These projects are the next step towards developing a renewable export future and reducing our industrial emissions in Australia through the use of locally produced renewable hydrogen.”

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