‘Watershed moment,’ according to senior industry executives, is Apple’s entry into the VR space with its new headset

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Apple’s recent debut of its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset has been hailed as a “watershed moment” for the industry by executives in the augmented and virtual reality space. The launch of Apple’s headset at the WWDC event ended months of speculation and has been seen as a validation of the industry. Cher Wang, CEO of Taiwanese tech giant HTC, expressed her confidence in the global market for VR and viewed Apple’s entry as a significant milestone. However, she also pointed out the potential limitations of Apple’s closed ecosystem, which may restrict developers and limit their reach.

The Vision Pro headset offers users a new way to see and interact with apps in their surroundings, combining eye and hand gestures with voice commands. It provides a range of functionalities, including watching movies, viewing personal media, playing games, and using work-related applications. Apple’s headset will run on visionOS, a spatial computing platform designed specifically for the device.

While the initial reaction to Apple’s AR headset was not as enthusiastic as other announcements during the event, industry experts believe that the integration of these devices with 5G technology and streaming content from a Cloud Edge network will be the next paradigm shift. HTC, which has already been working on such technology, aims to lead this shift in the near future.

Overall, the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset is seen as an important moment for the mixed reality market. It signals the potential for more viable use cases in the business sector and may pave the way for increased adoption of mixed reality in everyday life, beyond gaming and entertainment. With Apple’s reputation and innovative design decisions, the Vision Pro has the potential to transform the spatial computing segment and revitalize the VR and AR industry.

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