Wisconsin Gaming Industry Advocating for a Tax Credit to Stimulate Job Growth

by IS_Indust

Wisconsin’s video game developers are throwing their support behind a proposed tax credit, urging state legislators to back the initiative as a means of rejuvenating the gaming sector and restoring lost employment opportunities.

In light of widespread job reductions nationwide within the gaming industry over the past couple of months, local game producers emphasize the significance of this tax incentive during such challenging times.

Naomi Shumway, the founder of Git Gud Gaming Lounge, empathizes with those affected by recent job cuts in the industry.

“It’s been a tough period for the gaming sector. They’re encountering various challenges. Many of my acquaintances have dedicated their entire careers to this field, and they possess remarkable talent,” Shumway remarked.

Wisconsin gaming companies are actively seeking to attract these skilled professionals. Jennifer Javornik, Chief Partnership Officer at Filament Games, emphasizes the state’s strategic position within the gaming industry and urges leveraging it to our benefit.

“Wisconsin isn’t just a peripheral player in the video game industry; we’re right in the midst of some of the world’s largest companies,” Javornik remarked.

The ongoing push for the proposed tax credit, which would provide a 30% reduction on wages and salaries, has been gaining momentum for months. Tim Gerritsen, Chief Operations Officer at Lost Boys Interactive, views it as a potential catalyst for change.

“I believe we currently have around 1,200 employees in the Wisconsin gaming industry. With the implementation of this tax credit, I foresee a tenfold increase in job opportunities,” Gerritsen stated.

Supporters argue that the tax incentive would encourage local hiring and enable companies to reinvest saved funds into educational initiatives, fostering further growth within the industry.

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