Accent Industries FZC: Redefining Modular Development for a Sustainable Future

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Mohib Un Nabi | CEO | Accent Industries FZC

Leading the Charge Towards Smart, Green, and Innovative Building Solutions!

In a rapidly evolving world, the need to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment has become more critical than ever. As the call for greener practices resonates across the globe, we, as responsible stewards of the planet, have a duty to make our world a better place to live.

At the heart of this endeavor lies Accent’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge building technologies, environmentally friendly construction materials, and renewable energy solutions to shape the modern, sustainable, and smart buildings of the future.

Accent stands tall as one of the premier international Modular Developers. Since its inception in 2003, this trailblazing company has been led by highly qualified Modular Industry Specialists who have transformed the landscape of construction through innovative modular projects. At the helm of this remarkable enterprise is the visionary CEO, Mohib Un Nabi, whose ingenuity and expertise have propelled Accent to new heights of success.

With a diverse portfolio spanning from kiosks to high-rise buildings, Accent prides itself on its ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Mohib’s passion for modular development and unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled the company to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving construction industry.

With decades of hands-on knowledge and experience, Accent has carved a niche for itself by consistently delivering top-notch modular and prefabricated buildings. What sets them apart is their dedicated Research and Development team, which is constantly striving to harness the latest advancements in construction technology and manufacturing solutions. This steadfast pursuit of excellence translates into tangible benefits for their esteemed clientele.

Let us delve deeper into their journey!

Please tell us about yourself and your source of inspiration for venturing into this niche.

I am a serial entrepreneur and an Ex-Investment banker. I started my career with KPMG as a Financial Analyst within the Financial Advisory Department, which is responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Valuations, etc. I started my entrepreneurial journey by venturing into the diamond sector and later into the modular construction industry.

Please brief our audience about your company and its inception story.

The Accent was born in the spring of 2003. Dubai was booming, the economy was in high growth mode, the world economy was in growth mode, interest rates were low, and construction was in high demand everywhere in the region. The first thing on-site in the region is Modular Offices to enable construction companies to mobilize the site work and start building. So, we were very high in demand, and we have grown our business from mere garages into multi-million dollar businesses in no time. We got lucky!

The company’s growth story continued until 2008, and like any happy movie, there must be a villain. In our story, the villain was the recession that just happened. We never knew this villain before, and no one in the world knew it was coming so fast and so horribly. We had many bad years after that. We struggled because we have expanded very big and very fast, and much of that was financed by banks locally and internationally. This was chaotic. Somehow we saw a ray of hope with the high oil prices, as we were having some major clients with international Oil and Gas exploration and development companies.

In 2013, Dubai won the World Expo, and we were very happy as we will have a chance to make a small contribution to our products for all the major site development works. The business continued slowly and gradually, and we worked our way out of debt and managed to survive. The business started to improve again in 2013, and all was getting better until we saw another major catastrophe in 2016 when the oil prices crashed, and we saw years of weak oil demand leading to fewer orders from our Oil and Gas Clients. Hmmmm. What to do? I thought about taking some time out and travel. I went to the UK and USA. The trip was awesome, as I enjoyed the weather and places. We spent a significant amount of time traveling, learning about the construction in cities and small towns, and realizing the immense potential of our business. This was magical, and it is “MODULAR.”

I got back in 2017 on Valentine’s Day with some red roses to show our love for Dubai and our beloved business. Since 2017, we have started our journey focusing mainly on permanent modular buildings for hotels, schools, hospitals, resorts, homes, and the list goes on and on. However, there was a small problem. The construction authorities in the region were finding it difficult to convince themselves that modular could be permanent, as they had only seen container conversions and portacabins as modular. This is far from what I envisaged.

We tried to raise capital for the business to expand, but since 2009, people have lost most of their money in construction and real estate because they were afraid to invest in something innovative and new. We got lucky again by striking a deal with a major Oil and Gas company to build the Project Camp in Basra, Iraq. The project gave us the capital we required to dive deep into modularity and work our way through realizing our dream of manufacturing buildings of permanent nature and selling them like cars around the world, reducing carbon footprints, and solving one of the biggest problems in the world called “HOUSING.”

All was going well, and guess what? Corona happened! The world stopped! All the projects were stopped, payments were stopped, flights were stopped, and life was stopped. It was like a zombie movie. But like any action hero, hope always conquers fear. After several months of complete silence and lost projects. We started working again in mid-2021. We started with small projects as traveling was still restricted, and the major companies and projects were not moving. We survived, and we got lucky once again; we got a chance to work on a modular resort for one of our dear clients in the Wadi Helo Mountains in the Sharjah region. The project has given us the confidence to keep marketing our manufactured modular buildings. Now we are working on several large and medium-sized projects. One of our projects is also very innovative, where we are developing the World’s First Floating City. Yes, it is a floating city with all the buildings floating on the Water, and all the buildings are made by Accent!

What types of construction projects does your company specialize in, and how do you ensure compliance with safety regulations on construction sites?

We are fully respected by local authorities in all regions and countries. The good thing about construction is that you cannot build without permissions and certifications from a local body, so it is completely complied with and ISO certified.

Can you describe your company’s approach to project management and coordination?

The brain of the company is its people. We follow a decentralized thinking approach; everyone is allowed to contribute ideas for the growth and betterment of the company. This company has been home to hundreds of families since 2003, and it’s home to them. We have a family policy because we feel our employees are our family, and we extend this love to their families as well. We still have the same employees as when we started in 2003. We ensure that we have a work-life balance and must have female employee contributions as well.

What steps does your company take to ensure quality control and deliver projects on time and within budget, and how do you handle unexpected challenges or changes during the projects?

Our Company uses a TQM management approach. We have a quality assurance, ISO-compliant approach toward process management. So our products are of the highest quality and come with a standard warranty, which is not usually available in the construction industry. Can you tell me what the warranty is on the house you live in?

What measures do you have in place to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices, and can you provide examples of successful projects your company has completed and the challenges it has overcome?

We believe modularity is redefining the World of Construction. You may know that Construction is the largest industry in the world. It accounts for the majority of people employed worldwide. But what you may not know is that we are still building the way we have since 5000 years ago, with bricks and mortar! Nothing much has changed in this industry. However, everything else has changed around us: the way we eat, the way we work, transportation, telecommunication, warfare, medicines, and the list goes on and on.

We believe the way forward to a sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe, and innovative way to build our future is modular, and we commit to contributing!

Can you discuss any innovative technologies or techniques your company utilizes in construction projects and how you handle project documentation, including contracts, permits, and legal requirements?

All documentation and processes are completely paperless. The systems take care of the processes, and all are electronic using software. We are using the latest software and design systems. (BIMS, PROCORE, etc.)

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in the construction industry?

Think outside the box and never believe what you hear as industry practice. There is no book called Industry Practices, so don’t buy one!

Please give us a few testimonials from your clients and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your achievements in the corporate niche.


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