PT TIMAS SUPLINDO: Transforming the EPCIC Industry with Excellence and Innovation

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Leading the Way in Onshore & Offshore Solutions!

The field of engineering and construction has always been a fast-paced and dynamic industry. With new technologies, modern building techniques, and innovative designs constantly emerging, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. One company has emerged as a true pioneer and leader.

Established in 1989 as a manufacturer and installer of mechanical machinery, PT Timas Suplindo has experienced a remarkable evolution into a leading onshore and offshore oil & gas EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning) contractor in Indonesia under the guidance of President Director Sulianto Entong. With many years of expertise, Timas consistently achieves exceptional outcomes, maintaining a competitive edge over its rivals.

Timas takes pride in its committed and skilled workforce, comprising over 1000 experts who have the competency and knowledge to conquer any hurdle, impediment, or constraint in the EPCIC sector. Through an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence, the organization consistently pushes itself to uphold its distinguished status among leading EPCIC firms. Timas has emerged as a prominent Indonesian enterprise renowned for its proficiency and innovation in both onshore and offshore EPCIC domains.

Its success can be attributed to its team of seasoned professionals who embody top-notch and quality-driven characteristics. It offers a complete suite of EPCIC solutions, which include engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning. Drawing from decades of industry experience, Timas is adept at optimizing project requirements to help clients steer clear of redundancies, reduce costs, avoid delays, and mitigate risks. Timas boasts a remarkable track record of delivering exceptional results to its clients.

Safety is the bedrock of Timas’ operations. It firmly believes that every work performed should prioritize the safety of its personnel, clients, and the environment. With an unwavering commitment to safety, Timas ensures that each project is executed successfully without compromising the well-being of its workforce or the integrity of the project. By making safety its highest priority, Timas sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Timas has revolutionized the global oil and gas industry through its innovative services by offering clients a remarkable subsea-to-surface scope, providing comprehensive solutions that encompass every aspect of EPCIC. With its expertise, Timas has successfully executed projects that have significantly contributed to the advancement of the industry.

As Timas continues to forge new paths and set new standards in the EPCIC industry, it remains unwavering in its commitment to excellence, safety, and client satisfaction. With a track record of success and a team of professionals who are always a step ahead, Timas is poised to lead the way into a future of remarkable achievements in the field of onshore and offshore engineering.

Let’s explore their remarkable expedition!


Back in 1989, PT. Timas Suplindo emerged as a fabricator and erector enterprise aimed at bolstering the development of Indonesia’s domestic oil and gas infrastructure. The company was quick to recognize the rapid expansion of the oil and gas industry in the region, yet local contractors were unable to hold their own against foreign competitors. As an Indonesian outfit, they challenged themselves to go the extra mile and become an all-encompassing local oil and gas contractor. Their initial focus was on onshore projects, and in 2007, they took a giant leap by venturing into the offshore industry.

Today, PT. Timas Suplindo is a top-tier private contracting firm in Indonesia with interests in both onshore and offshore EPCIC fields. With their outstanding reputation and wealth of experience, they are keen to explore international markets. They envision themselves as a global EPCIC firm, all while ensuring that they prioritize safety, quality, and timely delivery of their projects to their client’s satisfaction.


Mr. Sulianto, who holds a degree in economics, has always harbored a desire to become a businessman since an early age. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he began his journey by learning the oil and gas business from scratch. After gaining valuable experience by working for several companies, he established PT. Timas Suplindo is a consumables supply company. Driven by his growing ambition, he then embarked on a more challenging journey to become an oil and gas contractor and fabricator that was responsible for several major Indonesian oil and gas projects.


Timas Suplindo provides a comprehensive EPCIC solution from start to finish. Their proficient in-house engineering team ensures the efficient execution of projects. They also have an advanced fabrication shop equipped with ASME-approved equipment that can handle pressure vessels. Additionally, they own construction vessels, including the DLB-01 anchor barge and T1201 DP2 vessel, to support their work. Recently, they built their own FPU, which operates in Java waters and accounts for most of the gas output in the region. The most significant advantage is that everything is done in-house, resulting in a skilled team and a reputable brand as contractors. As a result of their growing and reliable reputation, they are on the verge of becoming a global leader in the industry.


Core values are:

  • Teamwork: The team takes great pride in their co-workers and relishes working harmoniously together to surpass expectations and provide exceptional products and services.
  • Integrity: Their conduct and communication exemplify the utmost level of personal and organizational integrity.
  • Measurable: Their dedication lies in enhancing measurable objectives consistently for the ultimate satisfaction of their clients.
  • Accountable: The individuals involved assume complete accountability for their actions and have a strong dedication to providing the most favorable result for both their stakeholders and clients.
  • Safety: Their commitment lies in establishing a secure working atmosphere.

The paramount goal of the corporation is to establish itself as a preeminent EPCIC enterprise on a global scale. To attain this objective, the company espouses a sustainable approach that upholds its clients’ trust and loyalty. They implement a structured and quantifiable framework for corporate governance, prioritize the growth and well-being of their personnel, and generate significant value for their stakeholders.

The company’s vision and missions are steered by its fundamental principles, which function as a guide for their collaborative endeavors aimed at a shared purpose. They achieve outstanding outcomes through teamwork and possess absolute confidence in their capacity to maintain the highest standards of performance. They hold themselves accountable by setting and assessing objectives while gaining knowledge from their missteps along the way. Additionally, they prioritize safety as they function in international waters.


The company handles all aspects internally but maintains a specialized project management department dedicated to both onshore and offshore operations. While the project team oversees ongoing projects, the office team focuses on securing future work, and the management team strategizes for future growth opportunities.


The team prioritizes the trust and satisfaction of their clients above all else and greatly appreciates the opportunity and trust given to them. They are a strong and expanding team with confidence in achieving optimal results while upholding client satisfaction. Additionally, they prioritize the highest safety standards to ensure the well-being of their workers in their working environment.


PT Timas Suplindo is known for its openness to new ideas and opportunities, as stated by Mr. Sulianto. The acquisition of the DP2 1201 barge was a response to the increasing demand for non-anchor barges in congested waterways, and it has given them a competitive edge by allowing them to travel faster. In addition, they are not afraid to embrace technology, as evidenced by their participation in the NOV ZAPLOK pipeline project in Malaysia.

This project demonstrates their willingness to explore and implement innovative ideas in an industry that is experiencing a resurgence. The project involves the use of mechanical joint pressing to connect pipes instead of welding.


The industry often faces the challenge of managing schedules and people. This includes overseeing third-party subcontractors, adhering to contractual terms, addressing clients’ needs and inquiries, and seeking new opportunities, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The speaker believes that these obstacles are not unique to their organization but are common to others as well. They view each hurdle as an opportunity for growth and learning. Although managing individuals and organizations can be challenging, the team is committed to working together to achieve their shared objectives and confident in their ability to grow and succeed together.


During a conversation about their future aspirations, he expressed their determination to become a worldwide EPCIC corporation, stating that they will pursue this objective gradually by leveraging on each accomplishment to reach their destination. Their acquisition of T1201 has resulted in several inquiries for international projects, and they plan to broaden their fleet and operations beyond Indonesia. They firmly believe in the process and anticipate achieving their goals through natural and sustainable growth.


Their organization houses a distinct procurement division that is dedicated to each project and item category, exhibiting their unwavering dedication. Furthermore, an expediting unit is established to ensure prompt delivery and hasten shipments. Given the plethora of vendors and commodities to manage for EPCIC ventures, they maintain their own shipping and logistics squad to oversee the conveyance of said commodities. It is unmistakable that a substantial allocation of resources is imperative to securely and favorably transport all items in a timely manner.


Additionally, he expounded by asserting that their acquisition procedure is systematically executed through an unrestricted tender system. Reliably, they integrated the SAP system and e-procurement software in 2019 to guarantee that they could consistently obtain commodities at the most beneficial prices. In spite of having recurring offshore industry vendors due to the restricted number of players, they always prioritize cultivating salubrious competition. This tactic enables them to remain competitive when vying for projects. Vendors aspiring to be included in their endorsed vendor index must furnish legal documents, brochures, and other pertinent credentials. This meticulous procedure empowers them to exert dominance over which vendors they accept or reject.

Furthermore, the implementation of e-procurement software affords novel vendors an opportunity to contend and offer their individual pricing. Ultimately, the adoption of this system reflects an enduring commitment to fostering a salubrious marketplace within the organization. Vendors are incentivized to tender competitive bids, while a dedicated quality assurance and quality control department vigilantly scrutinizes the utilization of first-rate materials by contractors.


Each client typically possesses a distinctive “Approved vendor list.” Any items that fall outside these lists are typically procured through their procurement team and/or QA/QC, who scrutinize, examine, and ensure that the items match up to their standards. Their main aim is to achieve optimal safety ratings, and they have been able to maintain this feat thus far. Acquiring substandard products or items would not have led to this level of success. Every client has differing requirements, but they always strive to deliver top-quality performance and results to meet their client’s satisfaction. Vendors who fail to provide quality and timely services are usually engaged to mitigate the issue. If issues cannot be resolved, an immediate resolution is sought to ensure the project continues. The primary objective in this industry is to prioritize safety and satisfy clients.

Previously functioning as an EPCI enterprise, they have now broadened their scope of services to incorporate EPCIC operations, with the last C representing commissioning. The commissioning and startup procedures are of paramount significance in the execution of a project. This is because commissioning ensures that all the items they have installed are functioning optimally and meeting the client’s standards and expectations. Given that they are responsible for the installation, they must ensure that their installations are functioning correctly. This is why they have expanded their business to include commissioning and startup procedures to thoroughly inspect and ensure that their installations are functioning at peak performance during the startup and working phases.


During the pre-commissioning and start-up phases of every project, a number of static and dynamic assessments are conducted to ascertain the preparedness and adherence of the recently deployed asset. The assessments’ extent and character will differ depending on the project’s range and complexity, but here are some examples of past assessments conducted.

  1. Static Tests:
  2. Hydrostatic pressure test of a pressure vessel, pipeline, or spool piece
  3. Leak test or back seal test of the newly tied-in flange connection
  4. Visual inspection with the RT or PAUT method
  5. Dynamic Tests:
  6. Flooding, cleaning, and gauging (for the pipeline)
  7. Performance test for the newly installed module to evaluate the performance and functionality of the module under operational conditions
  8. Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System Test to verify its effectiveness in initiating a shutdown sequence in response to emergency situations

Timas also employs an array of measures to ensure that the fabricated structure or asset meets the client’s and industry’s standards and specifications. Some of the practices include:

  1. Strict quality assurance and quality control
  2. Complete documentation and traceability
  3. Continuous improvement on Timas’s SOP
  4. Compliance with applicable standards

By incorporating these measures, Timas establishes itself as an industry benchmark in terms of quality.


In the year 2022, Timas triumphantly carried out the Medco HIU Phase-2 development project with great proficiency. The fabrication stage of the project saw an extraordinary harmony between Timas’s T&I and fabrication teams, culminating in structures that adhered to the client’s stipulations. These structures were also devised for facile and prompt installation during the offshore campaign, ensuring the project’s timely conclusion within the predetermined schedule and budgetary constraints. Timas’s in-house team designed and fabricated several items, including an umbrella-like protective structure for umbilical termination and various flange protectors.


“We just did and completed the installation of a specific type of platform called the ZEEPOD last year within 11 days, which is the fastest time in the world. The project was called MEDCO BELIDA in Indonesia, where we successfully installed 2 of these ZEEPOD platforms within 11 days and 13 days, respectively.”

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